Why offers

Offers represent the cause of – and solution to – all pay problems.
These are the fundamental ideas Compa is built on:

Offers are at the beginning
Offers are the first pay decision – they set up everything else down stream, from promotions to pay equity to retention challenges. And for candidates, they're that first moment where you don't just say I love you; you show it.
Offers are your market interface
For comp teams that want to keep up with the market, offers uniquely represent pure market signal. You literally participate in the market when your recruiters make offers.
Offers are transaction data
Like the stock market, offers reflect activity between buyers and sellers. This means you can look at offers to discover meta-insights about the transactions, like market accept rate and offer volumes.
Offers are real-time
Unlike employee-based data that is a snapshot of current pay, offers are made on a specific date. Offers are fundamentally real-time, making them uniquely powerful.
Offers are hard to analyze
Comp teams struggle to get offer data out of the ATS; and when they do, it’s a mess. But when you find a way to clean the data, they unlock incredible secrets.
Offers create cost leakage
For comp teams focused on managing cost, offers represent millions in annual spend that often goes overlooked, from signing bonuses to relocation packages.
Offers are on the pay transparency frontier
Recruiters are on the frontier of new pay transparency regulations, from pay range disclosure to salary history bans. Comp teams who collaborate with talent acquisition on pay transparency strategy lead the way.
Offers lead to pay equity problems
Offers are rife with exceptions, discretion, and quick decisions – the kinds of issues that exacerbate the thorniest pay equity issues comp teams end up fixing later (painfully).