Pay Transparency in the United States

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Pay transparency is here

Stay ahead with Compa

Recent laws about pay transparency are changing how recruiters make offers. Learn more about how you can use Compa to be fair, cost effective and competitive. Don’t get left behind.

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What is Compa?

It’s a tool that enables you to make the perfect offers — every time. When you make an offer, Compa calculates competitiveness, screens for pay bias, and checks for pay parity.


How does Compa help me navigate pay transparency laws?

New pay transparency laws mean it is more important than ever to show candidates how you have arrived at your offers. Compa lets you do just that, building trust with candidates.


Where does Compa get its data from?

Compa integrates with your applicant tracking system (ATS) to power insights on past offers, salary ranges, and current employee pay bands sorted by job, level, and location.


Does Compa integrate with my ATS?

Yes. Compa integrates with your Applicant Tracking System, so your data flows automatically and securely. It also enriches and structures your data to enable apples-to-apples analysis.


Making pay transparency a recruiting advantage

Compa and talent acquisition experts, CareerXroads, have teamed  up to build a five-course learning series designed to help recruiters navigate negotiations and make perfect offers in the era of pay transparency.

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