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Why offers?
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Offer decisions are expensive. At high-growth companies, they total hundreds of millions of dollars in annual spend. Compa helps compensation and recruiting teams work together to get them right.

What does Compa do exactly?
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Compa is for talent teams who want to stop losing people over pay. When recruiters capture candidate pay insights, Compa transforms them into your own real-time market data to help you create fair and competitive offers. Unlike traditional market data, it’s powered by your unique market interactions. So at the end of the day, you get real-time, company-specific intelligence to help you win more offers, beat your competitors, and thrive in the Era of Pay Transparency.

How can Total Rewards leaders benefit from this?
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When you're not fighting for budgets or reviewing exceptions, it seems like you're always playing catch-up with changing market trends and out of date data. But what if you had a real-time, relevant, easy to use data set created by your own team? That’s what Compa does. It's like having a Comp Analyst for every offer. Your recruiters will make fewer mistakes, getting actionable market feedback is a breeze, and you'll be armed with a data asset that lets you be the smartest person in the room, every time.

What about Talent Acquisition teams?

Talent acquisition leaders wear a lot of hats. Besides managing your team, you're constantly hunting for good people, planning headcount, and keeping hiring managers up to date. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing good candidates (and it feels like you're always trying to convince the comp team about what's happening in the market). Enter Compa. We give you the homegrown data you need to close more deals, increase your win rate, and convince hiring managers that the mid-six figure offer you want to make - is the right one.

I’m a CHRO… what do I need to know?
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The Era of Pay Transparency is here - where forward-thinking organizations are finding new ways to bring TA and TR teams together, reduce costs, and make smarter decisions. But focusing on market trends, developing collaborative  strategies, and keeping up with "the next thing" can be challenging. This is why we exist - to help you lead from the front, manage costs, and stay ahead of the competition. So you can spend less time managing - and more time innovating.

Yvette Kamperin
“Compa is our proof of what’s happening in the market.”

Yvette Kamperin, Head of Talent Acquisition at MURAL

Take control of your data and create your intelligent offers strategy.