End survey lag for good

Compa releases offer data every two weeks so it never lags. All from leading tech companies, leveled and matched like you’d expect.

“Having more confidence that what we’re offering is fair and consistent with the market makes developing offers much easier and faster.”

Nick Klute

Nick Klute

Senior Manager, Compensation, DoorDash

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The world’s best companies use Compa to make pay decisions easy and transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why offers?

Offers represent market transactions, with the buyer (company) and seller (worker) agreeing to a price. There is no more direct market measure. And because your company hires thousands of candidates carrying six-figure salaries or more, you manage opportunities in the tens or hundreds of millions. We think offers — and the data they hold — matter a lot.

What does Compa do exactly?

Like other market data providers, Compa anonymizes your individual data while it contributes to the market set. SOC2 compliant infrastructure, rigorous privacy standards, and smart release practices protect your data.

How does Compa help with pay transparency?

Pay transparency starts with accurate data and modern technology. Compa customers perform pay parity checks, collect market insights, analyze offer performance, and compete for top talent — all at enterprise scale. Transparent pay balances fairness, competitiveness, and cost-effectiveness.