Stock Intelligence

Unlock market
unvested equity, finally

Grant-level market data streamed from
Compa's secure customer network

Stock Intelligence

A full view of stock comp

  • Unvested shares per employee
  • Valued using today's stock price
  • Auto-compared to your own employees
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STOCK Practices

See competitive program changes

  • Understand vesting schedule prevalence
  • Detect non-standard schedules
  • Filter by grant type, units, peers, and more
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Benchmark LTI with precision

  • Accurately calculate annual market values
  • Analyze by intended value and realized value
  • Match by job, level, and location
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Accurate data. Modern technology.

Compa was built for comp professionals at the world’s best companies.

No annual submissions

Stop sharing spreadsheets on the internet. Compa pulls data straight from your HCM, ATS, and Stock admin. Refreshed bi-weekly, leveled and matched like you expect.


No crowdsourcing

Access employee cash, grant-level stock comp, and the latest offer data visualized on your screen, purpose-built for savvy comp professionals.


No privacy gaps

No PII. Ever. Plus, data minimums, privacy blockers, and smart filters get you the competitive analysis you want without the exposure you don’t.

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