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Shift from surveys to software

Compa is the leading real-time compensation market data platform.

Automatic submissions, multi-source matching, and best-in-class privacy standards.

Market data for the modern era.

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Automate submissions

Stop sharing spreadsheets on the internet. Compa pulls data straight from your HCM, ATS, and Stock admin. Leveled and matched like you expect.

Benchmark with ease

Access employee cash, grant-level stock comp, and the latest offer data visualized on your screen, purpose-built for savvy comp professionals.

Find stock risk

Compare unvested equity values to the market in real-time. Spot retention trouble, vesting schedule shifts, and who’s really front loading stock instantly.

Prioritize privacy

No PII. Ever. Plus: data minimums, privacy blockers, and smart filters deliver the competitive analysis you want without the exposure you don’t.

Precise multi-source matching

Use job codes, titles, and descriptions for unrivaled precision. And Compa’s data science layer detects outliers at scale.

Expert insights included

Compa's compensation specialists find insights your team can action today. Pay for software, not consulting.

Market data for leading compensation teams

Explore 200,000+ data points from top companies

"Congratulations to the Compa team! Incredibly innovative product that fills a big need in the comp market. Excited to see what comes next on the roadmap."
Nicky Dietrich
Global Compensation Director at Airbnb
Nicky Dietrich
"It can be really difficult for the survey data that we have, which tells us what companies are currently paying their staff, to figure out what they're actually offering new employees. And Compa is figuring that out. It's really dialing into that space."
Chris Koski
Compensation Leader at Nextdoor
Chris Koski
“Compa’s unique approach has the potential to provide our Compensation team with an additional layer of credibility in the form of more timely, reliable market data. This allows for more strategic conversations with our partners and internal clients, which is especially important in today’s dynamic talent market.”
Michael McLernon
VP Total Rewards at Instacart
Michael McLernon
"We are thrilled to be a launch partner on what is sure to be a game-changer for tech benchmarking. Fellow comp geeks, unite!"
Jill Valinsky
Global Compensation Director at Autodesk
Jill Valinsky
"Excited to support Compa's groundbreaking launch! Their real-time data solution for aggregating and sharing offer data from applicant tracking systems is a game-changer in the world of compensation and talent acquisition."
Connor Parker
Head of Compensation
Connor Parker
"We all need a supplement to our Radford data. Even better, one that is real-time - not dated 6-12 months. And one that is not reliant on the rigorous submission exercise to a survey vendor.”
Ben Carter
Senior Vice President, Total Rewards & Talent Services at Workday
Ben Carter
"Compa is the best and most effective way to obtain real-time market data. Micron is on board -- what's keeping the rest of you from ensuring you have a solid understanding of offers being given today, as opposed to a guesstimate of what's competitive based on aged survey data?"
Athar Siddiqee
VP Total Rewards at Micron Technology
Athar Siddiqee
"Charlie's experience and knowledge as a compensation leader gives me confidence in Compa's ability to build a product that will be valuable as an input into our compensation processes."
Mason Stubblefield
VP Compensation at NVIDIA
Mason Stubblefield
"We recently met with the Compa team and are very excited about their product features. This is a great way to supplement your survey data with real time information!"
Supriya Bahri
VP Global Total Rewards at Roblox
Supriya Bahri
“In the tech sector, compensation changes can happen rapidly, and if you’re not up to speed on these changes and expectations, your offers may fall flat.”
Nick Klute
Senior Manager, Compensation at DoorDash
Nick Klute

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When the market moves fast, you can't rely on surveys. Remove uncertainty and gain confidence with Compa.

Compa market data brings clarity.

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