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Everything global enterprise talent acquisition teams need to scale perfect offers.

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Compensation is a competitive advantage for your business and deeply personal for your candidates. That's why we built Compa with the highest privacy and security standards to protect your data.

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Compa is for enterprise Talent Acquisition teams that need to win offers in competitive markets. Recruiters use Compa to find pay guidelines, craft perfect offers, and get them approved quickly. TA leaders can quickly scale offer automation with powerful management tools and reporting.


Who is Compa for?
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Compa is software for Talent Acquisition teams who need to convert more candidates in competitive markets. Recruiters can use Compa to create offers and share with hiring managers and candidates. Talent leaders can automatically monitor offer trends.

What about the Compensation team?
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Compa provides a powerful new way for Compensation and Total Rewards teams to learn real-time market feedback on compensation practices. Supplement your annual compensation survey data with Compa so you can quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Does Compa connect to my ATS?
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Yes, Compa integrates with your Applicant Tracking System so your data flows automatically and securely into Compa. As part of your onboarding process, Compa enriches and structures your data to enable apples-to-apples offers analysis.

How does Compa secure my data?
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Compa is SOC2 compliant and built to the highest privacy and security standards to ensure your data is protected and safe.