Reimagining Compensation, Starting with Offers

Introducing our new startup, Compa

Compensation matters, a lot

Pay is a deeply personal and basic need for employees, and incredibly expensive and consequential investment for employers.

The thing is, it’s really hard to do well.

HR teams invest heavily in establishing strategy and guiding principles, understanding the market, designing guidelines and approval processes, and educating managers. But still, from the very first decisions at the offer stage, we struggle to drive consistently competitive and fair pay outcomes. And fixing it later is painful on many levels.

We resort to saying something like, “Compensation is a combination of art and science” — but that represents a sort of collective sigh that we don’t understand why our pay practices seem so wildly inconsistent and fraught with bias, error, and bad decision-making. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase over my past decade in HR, and very little has changed.

The problem is that it’s too difficult to figure out how much to pay people with the tools we use today. Old spreadsheets and questionable data don’t scale to support the thousands of decisions organizations make every year. And they don’t meet the growing, painfully obvious need to be better.

Introducing Compa

It shouldn’t be this hard. The data science and technology exist to make better pay decisions possible. And people rightly expect more.

That’s why Taylor Cone, Joe Malandruccolo, and I have started Compa. Our mission is to make compensation fair and competitive for everyone by removing barriers to effective decision-making.

We believe the future of compensation begins with making better offers. Offers initiate the compensation lifecycle. They represent the vast majority of nearly every organization’s annual compensation decision value. They impact future pay decisions. And they are essential to establishing trust and accountability from the outset.

Compa is a new way to create offers with software. Our data science engine scales compensation analysis so that every decision is data-driven. Data-driven decisions help us make better human decisions. Our tools are designed to make compensation easy to understand and communicate so offer decisions are consistently fast and accountable.

Creating offers should be simple, unbiased, and designed to win. Compa makes this possible, and opens up incredible new ways to understand and manage compensation outcomes at scale.

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