Compa Co-founder Taylor Cone returns as Head of Experience

November 14, 2023
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Compa Co-founder Taylor Cone returns as Head of Experience

Taylor Cone returns to Compa as Head of Experience to build a vibrant community of compensation leaders.

Key topics

I am thrilled to share that I’ve returned to Compa full time as Head of Experience, focusing on building our community of compensation leaders.

Why this, and why now?

I spent much of the last two years building an organizational innovation assessment at a leading product innovation consultancy. The assessment involves both quantitative and qualitative research elements; in short, a survey plus interviews. My team quickly learned that it’s this combination, rather than either element alone, that produces useful results.

Numbers alone couldn’t help clients make meaningful changes to their innovation systems. They needed more.

Without the qualitative elements – that is, the context in which the quantitative elements live – we’re unable to turn good data into good decisions. Data without context is like coordinates without a map.

Compa’s customers want to know what’s happening in the market, why, and how to predict what might happen next. Our real-time, offers-based market data product is one element of that equation. The other?

Stories. Stories contextualize data. Stories give data meaning. If data provides the ‘what’, stories provide the ‘why’. Stories come from connections, and connections come from community.

So for us to provide compensation leaders a more complete map of the market, we must cultivate a world-class community where these connections can be made and these stories can be shared.

What does that look like?

  • Quarterly enterprise tech flash polls to provide comp leaders with snapshots of the market (latest results went out last Friday!)
  • Product workshops with carefully selected, pioneering comp leaders to co-design our next big ideas (next one is in early December)
  • Bigger, bolder experiences for comp professionals to explore – and define – what’s next in comp (exciting event planned for January – can’t share more yet, but it’ll be a game-changer!)
  • …and lots more.

That’s why I’m back, and that’s why now is the time. I can’t wait to grow the size, richness, and depth of the Compa community.

And I hope to see you there.

Taylor Cone, Co-founder & Head of Experience

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