Compa’s Offer Management Platform Named a "2022 Top HR Product of the Year" by Human Resource Executive

February 14, 2023
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Compa’s Offer Management Platform Named a "2022 Top HR Product of the Year" by Human Resource Executive

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The new era of pay transparency is here. And the HR industry is taking note. Today, Compa was declared a “2022 Top HR Product of the Year” by Human Resource Executive magazine in its annual list.

Because in the wake of massive economic shifts, ongoing workplace transformations, and the Great Resignation, the competition for talent is different. Compa provides a much needed solution for compensation and talent acquisition teams who want to close more candidates, understand the market, and keep up with competitors. 

Compa’s category-defining offer management technology empowers talent teams to make perfect offers and gain real-time market data. When recruiters use Compa, they can skip spreadsheets and automate workflows to find pay guidelines, navigate pay conversations, and build custom offers that get approved quickly.

For comp teams, Compa unlocks a stream of offer intelligence powered by their own market interactions—the real-time insights needed for fast-changing markets.

Winner 2022 Top Product Human Resource Executive

“Recruiters often lack the data and tools to figure out how much to pay people and communicate that effectively,” Co-founder and CEO Charlie Franklin told TechCrunch. “We see talent acquisitions teams like a sales team. If you think of it from that perspective, they need to close a candidate, but to ask the recruiter to operate off of a spreadsheet slows that process down.”

Compa was built to solve those problems by providing real-time compensation data that helps compensation and recruiting teams work together to make compensation fair and competitive for everyone.

Human Resource Executive selects award recipients based on several criteria, including their level of innovation, value add to the HR professional, intuitiveness for the user, and ability to deliver on what they promise.

With new technological advances and pay equity laws becoming more and more prevalent, companies need to be ready to address inequities and tell their story in new ways. And we’re thrilled to receive this award as we lead the way.

You can read more about why Human Resource Executive praises the future of offer management here.

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