Compa Launches Pay Transparency Law Tracking Map

February 14, 2023
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Compa Launches Pay Transparency Law Tracking Map

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Recognizing the labyrinth of pay transparency laws across the country, Compa developed a handy interactive pay transparency map for recruiters, compensation professionals, and job seekers to consult to understand what companies must do, can do, and cannot do in different states with respect to disclosing salary data.

The interactive map contains up-to-date legislative information about pay transparency at the state level and, where appropriate, at the local level. In addition to current state and local laws, the map also includes information on pending state legislation and identifies states without pay transparency laws.

As leaders in the HR space recognize, the world of employee compensation has changed. Job seekers demanded transparency for the sake of equity and fairness. To keep their companies competitive, recruiters need to upskill and have the latest data at their fingertips. This is where Compa comes in. Our new, robust tool gives talent acquisition professionals the most current legal information about pay transparency, so they can stay compliant while also attracting the best candidates.  We are excited to provide such valuable data to HR teams who are looking to achieve pay parity. We also know that this information can help those on the job market make the decision for themselves and their careers.

New York and California have received national attention for their pay transparency laws, and Compa's new tool includes current information for both, even for the various legal requirements at the local level throughout New York, for example.

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