Compa is Hiring

March 19, 2023
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Compa is Hiring

One thing we love more than helping people make better offers is making them ourselves.

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Come help us build something that matters!

When we founded Compa in 2020, we set out to make compensation fair and competitive for everyone. We began certain of the problem - nobody is satisfied with compensation outcomes, particularly at scale. What solution would have the greatest impact? 

We believe the job offer, the very beginning, is the right place to start. What we learned from collaborating with nearly a hundred HR leaders is that companies struggle to manage offers effectively at scale. The offer is a potentially life changing personal finance decision for candidates; companies need a new approach to meet the moment and establish trust. 

Fast-forward to today, we have built the first version of Compa, and we are investing in growing our team! 

What is Compa? 

Compa’s software empowers Talent Acquisition teams to stop losing candidates, outsmart competition with better data, and create winning offers. Our technology combines predictive talent data with simple tools to help recruiters understand their candidates, the market, and their offer performance to make more effective pay decisions. 

Our company is founded on the idea that compensation should be fair and competitive for everyone. This means driving more transparency into the offer process, with greater accountability and visibility, and less information asymmetry. We build our products with empathy for our users - recruiters have difficult jobs, and our products are designed to make their lives easier! 

Our team works remotely, and we also believe in the power of in-person connection. We are curious, we value diversity of perspectives, we collaborate very closely, and we play to win. 

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? 

Build something that matters

Imagine a world where every job offer is fair and competitive. Where pay shifts from discretionary and secretive to open and accountable. Where the future of pay is data-driven and transparent. We founded Compa to build this future.

Our goal is to recruit and invest in the best talent in the world to realize this vision. We are a young startup with deep domain expertise and ambition to build a company that truly matters. 

Who are we looking for?

  1. You believe compensation should become more transparent
  2. You want to contribute your unique, diverse perspective to solve real problems
  3. You thrive in fast-paced environment where you can make an immediate impact 
  4. You love building beautiful and simple tools based on powerful technology
  5. You are ready for an adventure!

We have open roles posted on AngelList and LinkedIn. You can also send me a message at sharing with me why you want to join Compa. 

Come help us build something that matters; we are just getting started!

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