Compa Achieves SOC2 Security Standard

March 19, 2023
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Compa Achieves SOC2 Security Standard

Compa becomes SOC2 certified before its first birthday, further deepening a commitment to the highest level of security.

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Building on a foundation of trust

I am proud to share that Compa has achieved a best-in-class security standard for enterprise SaaS vendors, SOC2. This is an important milestone for our company because it underscores one of our foundational beliefs: compensation data is both deeply personal to candidates and a competitive advantage for companies, and protecting it is our highest priority. 

Not too long ago, most organizations were loath to move talent data to the cloud for fear of exposing sensitive data. As security technology and standards improved - and the benefits of moving talent data to the cloud dramatically increased - more HR organizations embraced the cloud for core technologies like the HCM and ATS, as well as applications to improve decision-making and the employee experience, like Compa. Now it is almost unimaginable to consider managing your workforce on-premise, and likely less secure. 

Compa achieved SOC2 in seven weeks, a process that usually takes months. This was possible because we chose to become SOC2 compliant as a young startup - where most companies wait for several years, Compa achieved SOC2 before our first birthday. Our technology has been architected with the highest security standards from the first line of code even written, and our company, like great compensation decision-making, is built with trust at the center. 

Thank you to all of our employees for your efforts to prioritize the security of our customer data, and thank you to our partners, especially Secureframe and Safebase, for enabling our team to efficiently achieve this milestone.

Great security is a continuous process enabled by a culture that prioritizes protecting customer data. We are proud of this SOC2 recognition, and committed to living our values in how we work and create products going forward, everyday. 

Please visit us at to learn more about security at Compa.

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