Never lag behind the market again

Compa Index is offers-based market data exclusively for enterprise tech companies. And because offers are transactional, Index never lags.

“Having more confidence that what we’re offering is fair and consistent with the market makes developing offers much easier and faster.”

Nick Klute

Nick Klute

Sr. Manager, Compensation at DoorDash

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Market data from 60,000+ offers

There is no more direct compensation market measure. Explore the most recent offer data from leading tech companies, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for Compa Index?

Currently, 400 top enterprise technology companies qualify to use Index. Because Index is a market data product, it features only the most relevant offer data based on company size, industry, network, and published executive peer groups.

How do I participate?

Fill out the form above to request a preview with Compa. Our team will share how we connect to your ATS, level and match your data, and onboard your compensation team. All Index customers must submit offer data to access market data.

Can other companies see my data?

No. Like other market data providers, Compa aggregates your individual data while it contributes to the market set. SOC2 compliant infrastructure, rigorous privacy standards, and smart release practices protect your data.

When will Index be available outside enterprise tech?

Compa plans to offer market data for other industries in the future. Contact our sales team for additional information.