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May 2022

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A Note from Charlie (CEO)

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When I was on the Compensation team at Juniper Networks, I worried about providing too much data to recruiters.

Wouldn’t they just use it to raise offers?

I also spent hours every week with our business partners discovering and fixing internal pay problems - below-market salaries, pay parity issues, retention. And with 10,000+ employees around the world, it added up.

It was expensive and painful.

Offers are the cause of (and solution to) most pay problems. They start the employee compensation journey.

And yet most recruiters have one hand tied behind their backs. The problem isn’t providing them too much data. It’s providing too little.

We founded Compa to make compensation fair and competitive for everyone.

The talent acquisition team sits on the front lines of the Pay Transparency movement. Their job has fundamentally changed. They need the data, tools, and training necessary to manage conversations about pay with confidence.

Today, we introduce The Open Conversations Newsletter by Compa.

We created it to help TA and Comp teams drive smart, winning pay conversations with candidates, hiring managers, and executives.

Each month, we share one specific idea to help you bring pay transparency into your candidate conversations and offer strategies.

Charlie Franklin
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Events and Webinars

Rethinking Market Data in the Era of Pay Transparency

On-Demand Webinar | Watch now

See how to stop losing offers because of bad market data and eliminate uncertainty caused by “armchair analytics.”

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Greenhouse Open Conference 2022

May 24-25th, 2022 | New York City

Meet Charlie and Zach live and in-person at the Greenhouse Open Conference in New York City!  

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