How to Make the Perfect Offer

How to Make the Perfect Offer eBook

Developing the perfect offer in the era of pay transparency can be challenging, especially with different state and local laws in place. Compa’s new e-book, How to Make a Perfect Offer, outlines how to attract, negotiate, and close ever-savvier candidates for top positions without running afoul of these new laws.

This e-book explains why Compa believes the perfect offer comprises three critical elements. It must be:

  • Fair
  • Cost effective; and
  • Competitive.

The e-book also describes how to incorporate these critical elements into the perfect offer by:

  • Leveraging the best available, real-time data;
  • Implementing accountable processes; and
  • Mastering the skills to understand and communicate pay offers.

Download this eBook today, and you’ll start churning out perfect offers in no time flat.

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