Real-time offer intelligence. Scalable offer management.

Leverage your talent acquisition team to gain a real-time market view and make smarter offers.

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Real-time offer insights

Automatically analyze pay expectations and competing offer data captured from ongoing recruiter conversations with candidates.

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pay guidelines

Keep salary ranges market-aligned and easy to find

Put your guidelines front and center for recruiters, automatically fit by job, level, and location whenever they want to draft an offer.


Stop maintaining Tableau dashboards

Automatically organize thousands of offers by job family, location, and level. You get rich, accurate offer data and helpful reporting tools at your fingertips.

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pay parity

Scan every offer drafted by recruiters

Compa compares draft offers to past offers and current employees to automatically calculate win chances, improve pay parity, and scan for pay bias. It's like adding a comp analyst to every offer.


Understand what competitors pay

Track offers and win rates against your top competitors, then target talent from companies where you win more often.