Yeesh, another referral program?!? 🙄

Nah, here's why it matters:
  • More job families
  • More countries
  • More filtering (industry, size, revenue, type)
  • More offers
That's right, refer your peers and your data upgrades 🚀
And get a $100 DoorDash gift card when they see a demo.

“Having more confidence that what we’re offering is fair and consistent with the market makes developing offers much easier and faster.”

Nick Klute

Nick Klute

Sr. Manager, Compensation at DoorDash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligible to participate?

Anyone who has signed up for Compa.

Who is a qualified referral?

Compensation or total rewards leaders at enterprise technology companies (think north of 3k employees).

How do I receive my rewards?

Once we meet with your referral, we’ll send a virtual gift card your way!

How many referrals can I provide?

The more the merrier (But let’s keep it focused on the companies you want most 😍)

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