Compa Stock

Real-time stock comp data from the Stock Admin

Grant-level market data

Fully-automated, no PII, leveled & matched from Workday. Grants from ShareWorks, Fidelity, E*Trade, Schwab.

Walk Away Value

The holy grail of stock insights

  • Unvested shares per employee
  • Valued using today’s stock price
  • Auto-compared to your own employees
Unvested Value Per Employee
Annual Grant Value
Annualized Value

Benchmark LTI precisely

  • Accurately calculate annual market values
  • Filter by grant type, units, peers, and more
  • Match by job, level, and location
Vesting Practices

Discover real-time market shifts

  • Understand grant values by year
  • Detect non-standard schedules
  • Filter by grant type, units, peers, and more
Front-load / Back-load

Accurate data.
Modern technology.

Built for comp professionals at the world’s best companies

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No annual submissions

Skip the manual survey projects. Data streams directly to Compa, leveled and matched like you'd expect

No crowdsourcing

Forget self-reported data. Compa only uses verified offer data, connected directly to applicant tracking systems

No security gaps

SOC2 compliant infrastructure, rigorous privacy standards, and smart release practices protect your data and privacy