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Software Engineering
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Market Offers: Software Engineering
Mar 23, 2023 – Today
Mar 2023
May 2023
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Mar 2024
+$25,431 1Y
Average total offer as of last week
12,422 offers
$254K - $286K
Accept Rate
834 matched offers
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+$25,431 1Y
Average total offer as of last week
12,422 offers
$254K - $286K
Win Rate

Market data from 140,000+ offers

Explore the most recent offer data from leading companies, including:

Offer data stops survey lag

No more aging. Compa releases new offers every two weeks, leveled and matched, automatically

Instantly see market trends

Discover hot jobs. Spot market shifts. Compete with speed and precision. Offer data unlocks insights impossible to get from surveys.

Compare comp with precision

Build Peer Groups in seconds and define custom percentiles with one click. Filter offers by level, pay element, metro, and time.

Fix offer spend

Stop sign-on bonus cost leakage. Improve acceptance rates without overpaying. Partner better with recruiting and hiring teams.

Match confidently

Comp experts level and match your offers using job code, job posting title, and description data for unrivaled accuracy. See executive, management, and professional job levels across 200+ job families. Make changes in minutes, not months.

Where does the data come from?

Enterprise technology companies connect offer data from their applicant tracking systems to Compa.

Nothing crowdsourced or scraped from the internet. Only verified offers, leveled and matched, flowing automatically.

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Trusted by leading compensation executives

Available exclusively to leading companies in the world

“Having access to real-time offer data from 50 or so companies gives us a clear view into actual candidate and market expectations because the sample size is so large. It’s even useful to see what offers are not accepted.”
Nick Klute
Senior Manager, Compensation, DoorDash
“Compa is giving us the tools and insight we need to support our business in a rapidly changing environment. Quality real-time data, are you kidding me? Yes, Please.”
Trevor Norcross
VP Total Rewards, Vimeo
“Charlie's experience and knowledge as a compensation leader gives me confidence in Compa's ability to build a product that will be valuable as an input into our compensation processes.”
Mason Stubblefield
VP Compensation, NVIDIA
"Excited to support Compa's groundbreaking launch! Their real-time data solution for aggregating and sharing offer data from applicant tracking systems is a game-changer in the world of compensation and talent acquisition."
Connor Parker
Head of Compensation
“We recently met with the Compa team and are very excited about their product features. This is a great way to supplement your survey data with real time information!”
Supriya Bahri
VP Global Total Rewards, Roblox
“Congratulations to the team! Incredibly innovative product that fills a big need in the comp market. Excited to see what comes next on the roadmap.”
Nicole Dietrich
Global Compensation Director, Airbnb
“Compa provides innovative and creative solutions to real problems.”
Jay Johnson
VP Total Rewards, Pure Storage
“We are thrilled to be a launch partner on what is sure to be a game-changer for tech benchmarking. Fellow comp geeks, unite!”
Jill Valinsky
Global Compensation Director, Autodesk
“Compa is the best and most effective way to obtain real-time market data. Micron is on board -- what's keeping the rest of you from ensuring you have a solid understanding of offers being given today, as opposed to a guesstimate of what's competitive based on aged survey data?”
Athar Siddiqee
VP Total Rewards, Micron

Accurate data.
Modern technology.

Built for comp professionals at the world’s best companies

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No annual submissions

Skip the manual survey projects. Data streams directly to Compa, leveled and matched like you'd expect

No crowdsourcing

Forget self-reported data. Compa only uses verified offer data, connected directly to applicant tracking systems

No security gaps

SOC2 compliant infrastructure, rigorous privacy standards, and smart release practices protect your data and privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the data come from?

The data comes from your applicant tracking system (ATS) and Compa’s customer network. Compa Offers integrates with your ATS, such as Workday or Greenhouse, and combines your data with other companies to return aggregated, real-time market insights.

How does Compa make jobs and levels apples-to-apples?

Compa has a canonical, or standard, career architecture. Similar to traditional surveys, your jobs, levels, and locations are mapped to Compa in order to accurately reflect differences in pay by these factors. Compa maps your jobs and levels during onboarding, and you can edit or add new matches after you are live in Compa.

Is the market data international?

Yes, Compa integrates your global data when it connects to your applicant tracking system (ATS). Countries are available based on privacy rules to protect your data.

Will there be any internal offer data in Compa when I start using it?

Yes, Compa onboards historical offer data so Compa Offers is full of internal offer data from the moment you start using it.

Do recruiters use Compa?

No, Compa is designed for compensation teams to analyze market data and monitor internal offer spend. However, some companies provide limited access to talent acquisition teams.